MEME TIME! It’s the famous Pixiv ‘Expression Practice’ Meme! Done for Silas from ‘A Brush With Magic’.

As you can probably gather, he’s usually a sweet, gentlemanly guy, often painfully polite. He is super considerate of others and can be fiercely protective of them, but is easily hurt. He gets carried away with romantic ideals, the mechanics of magic, and pastries. Rua, in particular, wraps him around her little finger, so he is really eager to please her, often acting a little silly around her because he can’t help himself.

bedtime mobile phone doodle! Silas is so pretty XD Done using the S-note feature on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Queen’s Champion

Something I’ve been working on for the last 3-4 days. Rua, from her early days, well before she met Silas. An illustration to accompany the prelude of my illustrated fantasy novel A Brush With Magic.  Done in PaintToolSAI

I think I’ll get this made into a print :)

An updated WIP shot. HAVE SOME TAIL 

Kyaaa, a WIP of Rua, long before she met Silas… to accompany the Prelude chapter of my fantasy book, A Brush With Magic.

Another WIP from A Brush With Magic. Ahaha, I really like this character. This is Silas’s PhD supervisor, Maestra Véronique Tempête. She is super intimidating XD

I gave a filthy cackle. ‘I can’t believe I’m drawing this. Now I need to decide how ridiculous I want to go.’
'What do you mean?' Matt asked.
'Do I give Silas a shirt or not?'
I showed him my sketch.
'Well, that's basically porn.'


Ahem. Something that’s been tugging on my heartstrings to draw as a much needed guilty indulgence. Silas and Rua’s first kiss, ohohohoho. From A Brush With Magic. Done in PaintToolSAI

I’m updating this WIP as I go along. I’m doing all of my painting in one layer, with the rough sketch either above or below as I need it. Just thought it would be nice for you to see it emerge bit by bit, as I’m unwinding on it everyday.

Because I felt like it, alright? Mebbe a nice bonus piece or something. Silas and Rua from ‘A Brush With Magic’