bedtime mobile phone doodle! Silas is so pretty XD Done using the S-note feature on a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Queen’s Champion

Something I’ve been working on for the last 3-4 days. Rua, from her early days, well before she met Silas. An illustration to accompany the prelude of my illustrated fantasy novel A Brush With Magic.  Done in PaintToolSAI

I think I’ll get this made into a print :)

An updated WIP shot. HAVE SOME TAIL 

Kyaaa, a WIP of Rua, long before she met Silas… to accompany the Prelude chapter of my fantasy book, A Brush With Magic.

Another WIP from A Brush With Magic. Ahaha, I really like this character. This is Silas’s PhD supervisor, Maestra Véronique Tempête. She is super intimidating XD

I gave a filthy cackle. ‘I can’t believe I’m drawing this. Now I need to decide how ridiculous I want to go.’
'What do you mean?' Matt asked.
'Do I give Silas a shirt or not?'
I showed him my sketch.
'Well, that's basically porn.'


Ahem. Something that’s been tugging on my heartstrings to draw as a much needed guilty indulgence. Silas and Rua’s first kiss, ohohohoho. From A Brush With Magic. Done in PaintToolSAI

I’m updating this WIP as I go along. I’m doing all of my painting in one layer, with the rough sketch either above or below as I need it. Just thought it would be nice for you to see it emerge bit by bit, as I’m unwinding on it everyday.

Because I felt like it, alright? Mebbe a nice bonus piece or something. Silas and Rua from ‘A Brush With Magic’

Heard just before dinner in the Leong-Bentham household:

"Not now, Kris, Mummy needs to draw more blood. Go play with Daddy."

Another WIP shot from A Brush With Magic, this time of Rua in the middle of a fight scene :)

And I haven’t inked a picture by hand for over a month, what better way than to throw oneself in the deep end? XD